Awesome libraries and tools for .NET (Core and Full framework)

A list of awesome libraries and tools for .NET (Core and Full framework)

Making sense of ASP.NET Core Metapackage Versioning

Understaning how TFM (Target Framework Moniker) and the Microsoft.AspNetCore.App metapackage versioning work together


Nuget CLI (Command Line Interface) - tips, tricks and gotchas (Mac and Windows)

Nuget CLI can be a powerful ally - once you get past little gotchas. This post documents my adventures and learnings whilst trying to leverage the CLI across Mac and Windows

Setting up environment variables on Mac

How to setup environment variables on Mac OSX

Setting up Azure CLI on mac

How to setup environment variables on Mac OSX

A set of coding and code review guidelines inspired by "The Zen of Python"

I recently started learning Python, and came across what the Python community calls "The Zen of Python". Somehow, I felt that it can form the basis of what could be simple to follow coding and code review guidelines. This post is my attempt to extract a set of guidelines out of "The Zen"


My take on the net-neutrality debate

The topic of net neutrality has been in the news again following a decision by US agency FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to overturn its ruling from 2015. This has ramifications for all of us. I explain what net neutrality is (at least what I understand of it) and why it matters.

Notes from Jeff Patton's talk - Requirements, Product Ownership and Agile Development

A transcript and my notes from Jeff Patton's talk on Requirements, Product Ownership and other misunderstood concepts in Agile Development

Fix branch hierarchies in git

You use git, good on ya! You branched off of a branch that should've been left alone. How do you change the "parent" of the new branch?!

Targeting .NET 4.7 from Visual Studio 2017

Developer tools have a way of stumping you in the most unexpected of ways. This post analyses and then illustrates how to get VS 2017 list .NET 4.7 as a target framework for your projects, minus the pain.

Taming bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 Creators Update!

For the uninitiated, you can now run a real bash prompt on Windows 10 Anniversary Update or higher. Let's try to make sense of what's going on with that!


C# 7 Says Hello World!

My favourite features from the newly minted 7th edition of my favourite programming language C#!

Learn Open Source (or anything!)

Free self-taught Computer Science for everyone (and pointers to learn stuff quickly)

C# 6.0 Features Not Working with MVC 5 / Visual Studio 2015 / Razor

How I got out of the dreaded yellow screen of death in an MVC5 project

IIS Express 500.19 Cannot read configuration file - because it's looking at the wrong path!

Getting out of a vicious and unnerving IIS express issue

WCF service startup error "This collection already contains an address with scheme http"

Fixing WCF Deployment issues on shared hosting

Avoiding an Identity Crisis (in your apps)

In your code, an entity requires a unique ID - A Customer ID, Order ID, Message ID. SQL Identity columns do not cut it for you and the default GUID class isn't suitable either. There's hope though!


IDisposable Pattern - A refresher on the need and correct implementation

One may wonder why another post on IDisposable? After all, how difficult could an implementation of an interface that has only one void parameter-less method be? Well, read on to find out.

Programmer Interviews and the law of “Leaky Abstractions”

My thoughts after conducting 20 odd technical interviews, trying to correlate two seemingly divergent aspects of the tech life.

Double Check Locking in C# - End of life?

After having a discussion with a colleague, I was researching for the correct way to implement double-check locking in C# and .NET 4.5. Turns out a lot of water has flown under the bridge and things have changed quite a bit. I'll try to document my findings here.

NUnit Assertions - IsAssignableFrom and IsInstanceOf

Tiny goodies from my experiences with NUnit

Logging Frameworks for .NET

A monologue about the available options when it comes to logging frameworks for .NET applications

ASP.NET Web API - Content Negotiation, Content-Type, Accept and Accept-Charset in a nutshell

My take on content negotiation, REST, HTTP and how it all comes together in ASP.NET Web API

First Chance exceptions - What are the chances?

Ever noticed your Visual Studio output windows show pesky First Chance exception messages? Read on to find out what they are.