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My take on the net-neutrality debate

The topic of net neutrality has been in the news again following a decision by US agency FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to overturn its ruling from 2015. This has ramifications for all of us. I explain what net neutrality is (at least what I understand of it) and why it matters.

I came across a wonderful podcast called the IRL Podcast from Mozilla (the good guys who make the awesome Firefox browser) hosted by Veronica Belmont. I was listening to the episode on Net Neutrality Emergency and was struck by the gravity of the matter. The show's tagline goes: "Because online life is real life" - come to think of it, the internet is as essential a service as electricity and clean water. When was the last time you stood in a line to pay a utility bill? Or book a ticket for a movie? The internet is such a vital part of our lives that we don't even realise its there. There's now a precedence being set in US that threatens the foundations of this vital cog in the wheel of the modern life.

Notes from Jeff Patton's talk - Requirements, Product Ownership and Agile Development

A transcript and my notes from Jeff Patton's talk on Requirements, Product Ownership and other misunderstood concepts in Agile Development

One of these days I was watching a great talk by Jeff Patton, one of the Agile luminaries I follow to learn about agility and vet my own ideas and musings. The talk can be found on Vimeo here. The talk is from two years ago but the thoughts resonate as strongly as ever. Now that I have had the good fortune of being around some great minds by virtue of my tenure in Readify, a lot of his points resonate even stronger. In this post, I have attempted to highlight the most pertinent thoughts Jeff talks about and tried to add my own 2 cents from my experience in the field. The quoted text is my reflection on an idea/thought in the video.

Fix branch hierarchies in git

You use git, good on ya! You branched off of a branch that should've been left alone. How do you change the "parent" of the new branch?!

In git, you branched off of a branch that has a failed build. You fixed the build in the child branch, but your CI server (e.g. Atlassian Bamboo) sees the failed build on the parent branch as a blocker for you to be able to merge back to develop.