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Setting up environment variables on Mac

How to setup environment variables on Mac OSX

Mac OSX is based on BSD. Most terminal commands work similar with a few variations.

Setting up Azure CLI on mac

How to setup environment variables on Mac OSX

Azure CLI is a cross platform CLI that can be used to automate all things Azure as well as one-off interactions with Azure. The best way to install is using Homebrew. Azure CLI is built with python3 and has a few dependencies which are taken care of when you install using homebrew.

A set of coding and code review guidelines inspired by "The Zen of Python"

I recently started learning Python, and came across what the Python community calls "The Zen of Python". Somehow, I felt that it can form the basis of what could be simple to follow coding and code review guidelines. This post is my attempt to extract a set of guidelines out of "The Zen"

Just out of curiosity, and an urge to learn another general-purpose programming language, I started learning Python recently. I started looking for tutorials on Pluralsight and came across this wonderful course on the fundamentals of Python. One of the many awesome thoughts the authors share is what the Python community knows as The Zen of Python by Tim Peters. Some time back, at work, we were having a discussion around code review guidelines and somehow, I correlated that discussion with the Zen of Python. What follows in this post is my attempt to interpret the aphorisms in the text of the Zen as guidelines to follow when coding or when reviewing code.